1. The Programming Phase

This is the first and probably the most important phase of the design process. During this stage we will gather all information necessary for the design of your home. We encourage you to come to this meeting well prepared with any design requirements and ideas. These are, for example, the approximate size of the home, the number of rooms and how they relate to each other as well as any photos or pictures.

We will meet with you on your property for a site analysis.

This includes:

  • analyzing critical site features,
  • any views, and present and future surrounding development.
  • We will also obtain all necessary surveys, deed restrictions, and any architectural committee requirements during this phase.

2. The Schematic Design Phase

During this phase we will prepare rough sketches of floor plan(s), elevation(s) and a site plan based on the information gathered during the previous phase.

We can then modify the layout as necessary to create an exquisite design meeting your needs and budget.

If requested (or required by an architectural committee) we will prepare additional sketches of the rear and side elevations as well as any additional details.

3. The Design Development Phase

Upon approval of the sketches we will then generate CAD drawings depicting the floor plan(s), all elevations and a site plan. These drawings will significantly increase the precision for any fine-tuning.
If requested a 3D model of the exterior and/or interior can be constructed for better understanding of the design.

4. The Construction Documents Phase

Additional details (e.g. finishes, cabinetry, electrical, etc.) are addressed and fully detailed construction documents are created during this phase. A complete set of plans will include all details necessary for permits and construction.

Final plans will be distributed as hard-copy, PDFs and DWG files.

Thorough Specifications can also be drafted if requested.

5. The Engineering Phase

Files in CAD or PDF format can be distributed to engineers, surveyors, or any other companies as requested.

6. The Bidding & Permitting Phase

We will be happy to assist you in obtaining all necessary permits and approvals. We will also be available to attend any Architectural Committee meetings on your behalf.
We can distribute your plans as needed to obtain multiple bids from contractors and vendors.

7. The Construction Phase

We will be available throughout the construction to answer any questions you or your home builder may have. We will be available for walk-thrus and job site meetings, and will be happy to assist with any final material and finish-out selections.