"It seems like the true meaning of architecture has gotten a bit lost over time and most architects and designers these days have turned into slaves of the investors' bottom line.

While realizing it is crucial to design within a given construction budget, We absolutely disagree that it should be the primary limiting factor. We strongly believe that a design is not good unless it also enhances its surroundings. Our goal is to bring art back into architecture and by doing so, leave our surroundings better than the way we fount it."

Jiří Hájek, principal


We earn our fee (and often times our clients' repeat business) by first understanding how you live and how you use your home. Only then we will begin to design around your specific needs.


How does this apply to single-family residential architecture you ask...

We don't design houses where the only measure of greatness is the price per square foot it costs to construct them, or the intricacy of the often-times superficial front facade. We design homes people will truly enjoy living in. These are some of the key principles we employ:

Scale: A proper scale is crucial to making a home feel "livable". Auditoriums are great for theaters or convention centers, not for living rooms. Everything we design is with a proportion to a human being in mind.

Arrangement of spaces: Why do many designs fail by sticking to old dogmas (e.g. dining room to one side of the foyer and a study on the other)? We will go outside of the proverbial box to design around how you live, how people interact with each other. Each space in your home should be where it best serve your specific needs.

Light & sight lines: Nothing enhances a space more than a proper use of sight lines and bringing in of natural light. Any space will benefit far better from adhering to these concepts than by e.g. bloating the dimensions of boxed-in rooms.

Four-sided architecture: Do you spend more time in the front yard or enjoying the outdoor living spaces in the back? Why should then the rear of the home be the "forgotten" side? We will not spend the majority of our design effort (and your budget) on the front facade while neglecting the rest - we believe each part of the design is equally important.



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Jiri and his team are extremely professional and up to the task of any residential project
Professional, well laid out plans, and an excellent eye for detail
Jiri has a remarkable ability to listen to the client’s conceptual needs
My husband and I were extremely impressed and would highly recommend [Jiri] to someone considering a custom home design.
an excellent Home Design firm
Jiri truly does a marvellous job from beginning to end.
We love the way our house turned out!

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