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My name is Benjamin Feldt and I am a structural engineer in Austin, Texas. My company, Feldt Consulting Engineers, has worked with Hajek and Associates on numerous projects as a consultant designing foundations and framing. Jiri and his team are extremely professional and up to the task of any residential project. We see a lot of architectural plans come through our office and can easily identify the quality and Hajek’s are among the best. Having worked with Hajek on many projects I can verify many of the customer reviews posted here because I was personally involved with these projects.
— Ben Feldt (Feldt Consulting Engineers), structural engineer
As a retired custom home builder, we decided NOT to tell Jiri how to draw our house plans but rather TELL him what we wanted in a home. The resulting house plans were above and beyond what anyone could ever have asked for from any architect. That only comes from a firm that is not only very creative but one that actually LISTENS to what the clients want in their custom home.
— Alan Kinney, custom home client
We met Jiri Hajek thru Rostrata Builders and he designed our home in the Mera Vista subdivision of Round Rock in 2010. Jiri has a remarkable ability to listen to the client’s conceptual needs of the project therefore producing a very detailed unique design of the home. Jiri spends an enormous amount of time in the initial design meetings completely understanding the lot specifications, the functionality of the home, the orientation of the lot and its relation to the neighborhood and the conceptual needs for the home. Because of his complete understanding, he is able to produce a final product in a short amount of time. My husband I were extremely impressed and would highly recommend him to someone considering a custom home design.
— Steve & Terry McCord, custom home client
Jiri is a great designer. By listening to the client in extreme detail and studying the land, Jiri is able to create a home that is unique to each homeowner. His designs are functional and beautiful. I look forward to working with Jiri more in the future.
— Shawn Reaux (sr Design Studio), interior designer
Jiri truly does a marvelous job from beginning to end. Hajek & Associates [designed] a beautiful home on Lake Travis. Every attention to detail was there throughout the entire process. Jiri listens very well, is patient, and is creative. An all around star. We are extremely happy with our home.
— Jim & Sharon Clishem, custom home client
Back in 2009, we bought a lot in Crystal Falls (Leander) and began shopping around for a builder. The economy was in the middle of the credit crisis and there were a lot of builders looking for work. We contacted 6 different builders to bid on our project.

The Crystal Falls real estate agent recommended several builders. We met with 6 builders. One of the first builders we met introduced us to Jiri, someone he worked with on several projects. The builder said most architects are either egotistical and become passive-aggressive about changes or are “drawers” that don’t care about how the plan looks. He liked Jiri because he inhabited a space between the two: he cares about the project without being offended when the homeowner wants to change the plan. We had a very good feeling about Jiri on our first meeting. He was patient, listened to us and seemed genuinely excited about our ideas. He said that he doesn’t like to work from sample floor plans and prefers to know how we wanted to live in the house. This really appealed to us.

Another builder we met had an architect and meeting him provided an illustrative contrast to Jiri. This architect had already formed an opinion on what he thought our house should look based on the lot, “wide and palatial”. That’s the exact opposite of what we wanted. It was very difficult to communicate with him because he seemed more interested in telling us his ideas than listening to ours.

We decided to move forward with Jiri and gave him some broad parameters on our house design. The first sketch was wrong. We then provided him with more specific details. The second drawing hit it completely out of the park. We were surprised that he was able to so accurately conceptualize an idea we had in our heads on the second attempt. And he even managed to surprise us with some of his own unique features that we didn’t ask for, but we loved them and implemented them.

If you want to know about Jiri, just meet with him for an hour and we’re confident you will find him completely courteous, professional and knowledgeable on the design of your dream home. We give him our highest recommendation. Ask him for references and we will be glad to talk to you.
— Matt & Laura Mertz, custom home client
Jiri designed our home after listening intently to our wishes. The very first pass, we had very few changes. A testament to his ability to listen and discern the client’s needs and wants. We love the way our house turned out!
— Corky Barho, custom home client
We purchased a lot in Crystal Falls in 2010. Our goal was to have a home custom designed to fit our specific needs and to maximize the view opportunities our lot offered.

Our builder introduced us to Jiri Hajek and after our first design meeting which also included a through site review we knew we were on the right track.

Jiri’s understanding of our vision and his ability to translate that into a final working set of drawings has been amazing.

My wife and I are very pleased with the final outcome and highly recommend Hajek & Associates to anyone who is considering a custom designed home.
— Dennis Donnatin, custom home client
Professional, well laid out plans, and an excellent eye for detail is what we think of when we think of HAJEK & Associates. As Home Builders, we appreciate the highly accurate blueprints that HAJEK & Associates deliver.
— Virginia Scott (Scott Homes, LLC.), home builder
This is an excellent Home Design firm. Jiri has designed countless custom homes for an array of my clients. He listens extremely well and is super creative. I highly recommend him.
— Howard Kirk, custom home consultant
Jiri is a great designer with an eye for practical design and problem solving while still incorporating style and a unique flow to any design. I worked with Jiri on dozens of projects and was constantly amazed at his ability to deliver a design that exceeded the client’s expectations.

I strongly recommend Jiri’s services to anyone looking for a unique custom design to their next new home.
— James Duncan, custom home consultant