Every organization's most valuable asset is its staff.

Achieving our success would not have been possible without the expertise and talent of our design team.


Jiri Hajek, firm principal

Jiri Hájek was born and raised in Prague, Czech Republic (formerly Czechoslovakia). Growing up on the European continent, in such an architecturally rich environment, gives Jiri a very unique design perspective.

Jiri pursued his passion for architecture from his early age when admitted to the prestigious Czech Technical University, one of the best engineering and architecture schools in Europe. Jiri majored in a dual Architecture / Architectural Engineering program, and in 2000 moved to the Austin, TX area where he has started his internship.

In 2001 Jiri founded HAJEK & associates, Inc., where he has been the lead designer since. Over the past fifteen years, Jiri has built a firm specializing in mid- and high-end single family design projects, earning numerous design awards and having works published locally, as well as abroad.

Jiri’s design approach starts with a detailed study of the building site. He believes every design should maximize the building site’s potential, while enhancing it’s surroundings. He also believes small details make the difference between good and great architecture, and only proper material selection truly brings a building to life.

Outside of architecture, Jiri has a passion for aviation, enjoys traveling, learning about other cultures, and exploring remote corners of the world. Jiri is also an avid mountain biker and outdoorsman.


Alyssa Draper

Alyssa graduated in 2008 with her Associates degree in Architectural drafting. She has a strong structural background with focus on framing and foundation design. Furthermore, her expertise in BIM and 3D modeling are valuable assets for each of our projects.
Alyssa is a proud mother who loves spending time with her family enjoying the outdoors.



Christopher Lewis

Chris plays a versatile role at our firm, applying his varied background in architecture, photography and IT. He is also a current student at the University of Texas at Austin, pursuing his architecture degree.
In his free time, Chris enjoys hanging out with friends, running, and spending quality time with his Yorkshire Terrier.


William Webb

William brings over 20 years of broad experience working on residential and commercial projects throughout the US and Central America. Licensed in both Texas, US and Mexico, William has a good understanding of US as well as international design standards and building practices.

Ana Petkovic

Ana is dynamic and ambitious architect with over ten years of international experience in various phases of project design, development and construction. She has joined our team in 2008 and has been a valuable collaborator on a wide variety of residential and commercial projects over time. Ana produces CAD drawings, 3D renderings, graphic images, and other visual presentation materials.
In her free time, Ana enjoys the outdoors, listening to music, and spending time with her friends and family.

Mimi Phanthavong

Mimi handles all aspects of running our office from project management to accounting. Her past experience in international trade, among many skills, has made her an invaluable part of out team.

Francis Ogbuzulu

Francis started working with us in 2014 as a summer intern. He has rather quickly proved himself to handle many aspects of running our office with ease. Francis is quick to adapt, and eager to take on new, more challenging tasks.
Francis plans on continuing his education, and pursue a degree in business administration.