Our portfolio covers projects ranging from modest guest houses to lavish estates, across many architectural styles. Whether it is Authentic Old-World Tuscan, Modern Hill-Country, or Contemporary – we focus on massing, aesthetic features and use of materials true to their respective styles. Staying true to this approach allows us to bring you timeless homes that are beautiful as they are functional.

Design Process

Our time-proven design process has been a key part to our success. We will listen to you to thoroughly understand your needs, lifestyle, taste, and budged to develop the perfect design for you. All along keeping the design process flexible, and tailor it specifically to each customers needs.


Sustainable design has been at the core of our design philosophy. Just as “form and function” have traditionally been the building blocks of design, we believe energy-efficiency and environmental impact are equally as important.

Why choose HÁJEK & Associates ?

HÁJEK & Associates strives to offer the best in timeless custom home design.

"Whether you are looking for a 1,000sf cottage or a 10,000sf mansion, an authentic European-style villa, or a contemporary dream home... our team will work with you to create a unique design reflecting your lifestyle and needs, while taking advantage of the latest sustainable technologies and being mindful of your budget."

- Jiří Hájek, principal